Dog Harnesses

Fleece lined dog harness providing the perfect fitting harness and comfort for your dog on walks all year!

Another perk of our fleece dog harnesses are that they’re extremely easy to put on and take off. They come with adjustable straps so you can make sure the fit is just right before taking your pup out for a stroll. All all you have to do is slip them over your dog’s head for an instant fit. This makes them perfect for those days when time isn’t on your side but you still want to go out with your pup! 

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Dog Harnesses

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Perfect Fitting Harness

Need help selecting the perfect fit Dog harness for your dog? Our dog harness size guide will help you select the correct harness for your Dog!!

Fleece dog harnesses offer pet owners a comfortable and secure way to take their pups out for walks without sacrificing style or convenience. They provide an even distribution of pressure across the body while also being easy to put on and take off quickly when needed. And best of all—they come in various sizes and colours so you can pick one that fits your pup perfectly! So if you’re looking for an accessory that will keep both you and your four-legged friend happy during walks around town, then look no further than fleece dog harnesses!

Harness Size Guide

About CosyDogs

About Us

Our dog harnesses are specially designed to minimise chafing and are surprisingly strong and light. All dog harnesses are available in sizes to suit all breeds and sizes of dog and can be tailored to meet special canine needs.

We also have a great range of matching fleece dog collars, dog leads, dog car harnesses, quick release dog collars and the latest padded fleece body dog harness.

All CosyDogs dog harnesses collars and leads and products are made here in the UK by us.

Adjusting Your Harness

When receiving your new CosyDogs harness this is how it will be set
The position of the two sliders are almost on the fully adjusted setting
Just simply move the sliders towards the clips to make bigger and to the
underbody to make smaller, when adjusting pass the sliders through the elastic to keep the fleece girth flat

For futher information, follow our dog harness size adjusting step by step guide

Dog Harnesses Size Guide

Because dogs come is all shapes and sizes, so do our products - Please look at our handy sizing chart

How to measure your dog:
All you need to do is measure around the chest part, just behind the front two legs, see measurements below for some indication.

Size 0: 40-50 cm
Size 1: 45-55 cm
Size 2: 43-64 cm
Size 3: 49-70 cm
Size 4: 51-78 cm
Size 5: 62-85 cm
Size 6: 75-102 cm
Size 7: 90-125 cm

To get the perfect fit harness for your dog, please view our Dog Breed Size Chart

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